New Music Arizona 2008
Music by Arizona Composers and Their Influences
Friday, June 13, 2008, 7:30 p.m.
The Historic Elk's Opera House
117 E. Gurley St.

  1. Esperanza
    Motivación, by Chris Burton Jácome
    Chris Burton Jácome, Guitar
    Contemporary flamenco guitar at its best.

  2. Lullaby, by Johannes Brahms
    Max Borjon, Saxophone; Glenn Stallcop, Bass
    A classic played as you've never heard it.

  3. Water Leaves, by Bruce Reiprich
    Rita Borden, Piano
    An ethereal journey that leaves the listener floating.

  4. The Favorite, by Scott Joplin
    I’m Certainly Living a Ragtime Life, by Leo Friedman
    Lynn Drye, Maria Flurry, Marimba
    Hopping ragtime on the marimba.

  5. Excerpts from the Water Concerto, by Tan Dun
    Henry Flurry, Piano; Maria Flurry, Water Percussion
    Gives new meaning to playing in the water.

  6. Bubble-Up, by Judith Lang Zaimont
    Arizona Premiere
    Jeannette Moore, Flute; Rita Borden, Piano
    A fun and refreshing ragtime for flute and piano.

  7. Threnody, by Henry Flurry
    World Premiere
    Chaparral MusicFest Orchestra; Womansong
    A poignant lament on the death of a seven day old child.

  8. Violin Concerto in E Major, Mov. 1 (Allegro), by J. S. Bach
    Katherine McLin, Violin; Chaparral MusicFest Orchestra
    Some of Bach's Best.


ElksHouseThe Chaparral MusicFest New Music Arizona Concert is co-sponsored by the Elks Opera House.

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